GSR Turbo!!! 450whp stock sleeves

450whp look at more of my vids for proof... Stock sleeves.. Gsr built bottom with a type r built head

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R.A.W. Performance Lenoir NC Stock Sleeve LS Vtec 22psi 35r c16 fuel 502whp 347wtq Tuned on CROME Gold 828-572-0262

Turbo civic gsr gt35r turbo
93 honda civic eg hb gsr motor stock sleeves cnc werks block guard. Forge Piston and rods Arp. Stock head cams valves springs. Gt35r turbo tial bov and Westgate. Top Mount. Hondata s300. Just a simple setup really not alot in to it. The car made 650 at 25psi and at 35psi it made just under 890hp. The car was spinning at 35psi at the Dyno. It was a Mustang Dyno. If we had big cams it would have made 950 to 1000hp no problem. It's still a 1.8 litters. If I'm not mistaken the car holds the record for the highest hp on a gt35r turbo. We never had the car out at 35 psi. Because of the spinning to much now get the tire to back it up. Hopefully next year we will be running some gtr supra and evo Mustang for fun stay tuned for more videos thank you if have a any questions on the build text or call me at 586 864 6879

Woodburn drag stip Stock B18b1 15lbs ebay turbo kit 11.92 at 113mph
RACE STARTS AT 2:40ISH SECONDS. 94 civic ex with stock b18b1 block with a gsr tranny on an ebay turbo kit put together and tuned by TREV MOTORSPORTS on 15lbs. It was street tuned but I'm probably making about 280whp on 23 inch slicks . 50 trim turbo.

600+whp stock sleeves B16
EBTEC EK B16 powered street car Dyno session on its way beyond the 600whp mark. Block contains Stock B16 sleeves with aftermarket rods and pistons, stock head with Type-R cams, Precision 6262 turbo, tuned on Hondata S300 honda acura civic integra delsol RSX EK EG DC EF hatch hatchback B16 B18 B20 K20 K24 engine Boost turbo spool precision 6262mm wastegate uppipe downpipe Intercooler fmic EBTEC Emminobuilt Emminotuned ATL Georgia KhrisH Hondata tuning tuned