Telegraph Canyon April 29, 2009

R6 on Telegraph Canyon Yeah i know it seems boring at first but it gets better after somebody decides to pass the two patrol cars.

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Cyclists Often Unsafe on San Diego Roads
The death of a cyclist on Montezuma Road near San Diego State last month has rallied San Diego's bike community to protest the dangers of taking to the road. KPBS reporter Tom Fudge tells us what it would take to make our streets safe for bikes, even though they were built for cars. Five years ago, Fudge ended up in the hospital after being hit by a car on Montezuma Road, just 200 yards away from where Charles Gilbreth was hit and killed.

4BANG3R'S 2009 R6S Dyno Run
Self Explanitory...Enjoy!

San Diego County Sheriff Motorcycle Cop Speeding at almost 100 mph
On Sunday May 26, 2013, I'm driving west on Lomas Santa Fe Drive in Solana Beach. I notice a motorcycle cop turning left. A few seconds later, he passes me going about 100 mph without any flashing lights or siren. I notice him turn right on Santa Helena. After we stopped at a store for a few minutes we catch up to him as he has pulled someone over in a residential area. The video shows this was just a routine stop. Is it policy for LEO's in the Encinitas branch of the San Diego County Sheriff's office to travel at such a high rate of speed during a non-emergency? This video was shot using a Drfit Ghost HD camera in the DVR mode (video tagging). I set it at "5 minutes". So at any time, I can go back 5 minutes. It also records an additional 10 minutes on top of that. I leave it on every time I drive.

Dragging Knee at Palomar Mt. Nick's r6 warm up run
Me up at Palomar Mt. CA on the tight side dragging a lil knee...