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13 Diesel Engine Cycles and Components
Basic Principles 4-Stroke Diesel Basic Principles 2-Stroke Diesel Diesel Injection/Ignition Blowers & Scavenging Injection Methods & Glow Plugs Valve Functions Valve Trains Camshaft/Crankshaft Ratios Crankshaft/Bearings & Flywheels Pistons & Rings 4-Stroke Cycle 2-Stroke Cycle

2 Stroke Marine Diesel Engine MAN B&W: Operating Principle (Every engineer must see this)
2 stroke marine diesel engine: detailed explanation of operation and principle behind working. Indicator cards: Draw cards and power cards, explanation of various terms associated and related calculations. Principle behind fuel pumps and a lot more..

Two-stroke engine - How it works! (Animation) This animation will explain the inner workings and basic principle of two-cycle engines (also known as two-stroke engines). Contents 1) Difference to four-stroke engines 2) Two-stroke engine with carburetor 3) Deflector piston, intake port and Exhaust port 4) Transfer port of two-stroke engines 5) Explaining different strokes 6) Intake, compress, combust 7) Expand, refill, Exhaust 8) Crossflow scavenging 9) Uniflow scavenging in opposed piston engines 10) Modern engines with loop scavenging

HOW (NOT) TO: Reshape Two Stroke Head - The Poor Man's Way.
Tutorial on how to reshape the combustion chamber and squishband with simple/cheap tools. Kinda fail, did not go too well... This method has produced great results for me before, I swear!