Mini Dozer crawler how it was made

Most of the parts came from local scrapyards, some of the steel did come from a used metal supplier nearby. The 16 HP Kohler engine I purchased some time ago at an antique engine tractor show. I can't think of anything that I used to build this tractor that was new. The pins holding the links together on the track are half inch diameter and welded to side pieces of the chain, I used half inch black pipe cut to link width and then slipped over the pins before assembly to make a floating steel bushing on the chain.

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Mini Dozer Home Built " Complete Brake Success"
Finally !!!! I have total success with the brakes and requires the pull of only a finger like I hoped it would end up,,will now do the left side and then finally get started on the larger drive pulley and then the Blade,,,keep watching guys.

Struck Mini Bulldozer
Tucker's new old toy.

Mini Dozer Final Assembly Time Lapse
Build guide with complete track frame rails plans is available here

Custom Built John Deere 317 Crawler