Mini Dozer crawler how it was made

Most of the parts came from local scrapyards, some of the steel did come from a used metal supplier nearby. The 16 HP Kohler engine I purchased some time ago at an antique engine tractor show. I can't think of anything that I used to build this tractor that was new. The pins holding the links together on the track are half inch diameter and welded to side pieces of the chain, I used half inch black pipe cut to link width and then slipped over the pins before assembly to make a floating steel bushing on the chain.

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Controlling Hydraulic Motor & Cylinder With Power Steering Pump
This is my setup to test a GM Power Steering Pump as a hydraulic pump to power hydraulic motors and cylinders. All the components used here are stock. The valve is a Gresen/Parker 400 bi-directional valve. The motor is a Ross (I'm unsure of the model or spec's on it). This setup worked great, now ready to adapt to my garden tractors!

My homemade mattracks
This is a slide show of my homemade mattracks made for my trike to haul firewood and timber out of the forest during the winter. Soundtrack: Motocross - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (YouTube Audio Library) Donations accepted at: Blueprints available at:

Homebuilt tracked vehicle...upgraded version, hemmasmidd bandvagn..uppgraderad version
Version 2 med band från en BV 202

Mini Dozer Home Built " Complete Brake Success"
Finally !!!! I have total success with the brakes and requires the pull of only a finger like I hoped it would end up,,will now do the left side and then finally get started on the larger drive pulley and then the Blade,,,keep watching guys.