Saab 900 T16s JT 3" Exhaust sound

Just me driving down the street in Whitey the T16 with a JT pipe!

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MotorWeek | Retro Review '83 Saab 900S
You'll get whiplash going 0-60 in 12.2 seconds!

Top Gear - Saab 900 and 900NG

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Matt Farah revisits cars from his youth to see if they're as good as he -and the Internet- think. *Each week, /DRIVE will air a segment from last season's /DRIVE+, to show you what people have been watching for the past 3 months. New content on /DRIVE+ every week. New shows, new cars, new experiences. Don't wait 3 months to see it. Support /DRIVE, and subscribe today.