2x FuStw Polizei München

2 Funkstreifenwagen auf Einsatzfahrt während der Wiesn

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Fire alarm + Police stop in San Francisco
At 1AM in the night, the San Francisco fire department is dispatched to a fire alarm in a hotel near Market street. A lot of units were responding including as far as i could see the battalions 1, and 2, engines 1, 2, 3, 41, trucks 1, 3, 8, heavy rescue 1 and medic units. There was no fire at all so that all units could return to their stations quickly. While the fire department arrives on scene you can also see a traffic stop made by the San Francisco Police department. The driver actually didn't realise that he had to stop and just kept driving. The clip was made from my hotel room in the 4th floor - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - San Francisco, California, USA - 09.2010

Unmarked police car Copenhagen PD with German high-pitched siren
Danish unmarked police car responding One of the newr generation unmarked police cars from the Copenhagen PD is responding in the streets downtown nearby the main fire station. Strange thing here is that is uses a high-pitched siren from Germany, which even in German conditions counts as outdated: They once were used uiqte often on unmarked units, but not any more; Some few Fire and EMS still have them besides the 'normal' sirens (these high-pitched electronic one is actually quite good when you are driving directly through a crowd of people, so that they don't get ear damages due to the very loud normal siren. Ein Zivilstreifenwagen der Kopenhagener Polizei auf IEnsatzfahrt im Stadtzentrum. Durchaus verwirrend mag es sein, dass dieser recht neue Zivilstreifenwagen ein altes Starktonhorn verwendet... En civil politibil fra Københavns Politi (KBH PO) på utrykning i nærheden av hovedbrandstationen. EnjoyFirefighting, 01/2014

FuStW Polizei München stoppt 2 Fahrzeuge - german police pulls vehicles over
Funkstreifenwagen der Polizei München hält zwei Fahrzeuge an; man kann die wechselnde Schrift "Stop - Polizei" im Blaulichtbalken erkennen. German police car (Bavarian State Police, Munich) pulls two vehicles over, downtown Munich.

NYPD Police Cars Responding (collection)
Sit back and enjoy! Several clips of New York Police Department vans, cars and an Emergency Services Unit REP Truck responding to emergencies in Manhattan. You have to love the Rumbler sirens! Manhattan, New York, New York, USA. 01 + 03.2012