Supercharged RSX vs C5 Vette

My S/C RSX vs C5 Corvette form a 40 roll.. This is the only race I could find last night.. I'm sure he didn't think it was going to go down like it did.. He said at the end of the race he should have got the hit because he was "stock" but I told him it wouldn't have made a difference, but It might have made a better video with me flying past him.. LOL

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dory vs bender ..... supercharged rsx vs turbo rsx
my boy and i having a friendly race

Bilal's k20 supercharged Rsx type-s ocean city car show 2013

1200HP LOMA Supercharged Corvette Z06 GT2 SOUND!!
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2013 5.0 Modded, Supercharged RSX Modded, 03 Cobra Modded, 02 SS Camaro Modded
My mods are emailed tune, off-road h-pipe, cold air intake, stock 3.73 gears. Not sure on the year or mod list of the RSX but supercharged and Dyno tuned. Terminator has tune of some sort. full Exhaust and pully swap on stock eaton is what I was told. Camaro LS1 cams, full Exhaust, Dyno tuned, various mods. FILMED IN MEXICO. Round 1: Bad shift into 5th on my part and that's when the Termi pulled me hard you can tell. Round 2: Cobra honked and we never heard it so I take off a length behind. The white LS1 having clutch issues and can't hammer into third like he should and you see the black LS1 with a BIG cam right up the cobras ass hitting the brakes, two plum nasty LS1's.