Awesome Players Off-Road MC Summer ( BMW F800GS, HP2, 1150GS, Honda XR650L )

This is all three clips merged now that Youtube allows longer videos. 42 minutes o' fun in HD! This is a compilation of 7 or 8 of our rides from this summer. Lots of sand, huge water crossings and spills. Low skill level makes for good video!

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Rocky start to a rocky day. BMW F800GS and HP2. Some days you have it and others you don't. It was a beautiful day and Chris and I (Riley) headed back to an old favourite trail. Just for giggles we turned right instead of left. This brought us to a long wicked downhill section. Rocks with a side order of more rocks. Once we started we were committed as there was no way back. I wasn't really on my game and was overly cautious on the descent. Had a few spills and bent my shifter as well. We grabbed some breakfast and headed back out. I found my mojo again and we did rocky climb after rocky climb. A branch snapped and locked the front wheel of my F800Gs. Came to a sudden stop to discover my front fender had a big hole in it. Bike and body were fine so w e carried on. The day ended on a high note with some great riding.

The Classique 2013 - F800GS, DR650, KTM 640, HP2
Chris, Riley, Jason and of course Henrik head out for an early spring group ride. The Classique is one of the first dual sport events of the season. Put on by the very capable and friendly folks at who do an amazing job. We were pretty shaky at the start as we hadn't done any riding since the fall and Henrik hadn't ridden in the last year. Jason had his new to him KTM 640 which started having some starting issues when hot. Henrik had some issues with the Mighty Dr as well. A couple of falls, an actual crash and of course the poor decision making that is the hallmark of any Awesome Players ride. This is a long one at 90 minutes so grab a beverage and some snacks and enjoy.

The Washout. BMW F800GS, HP2 & X-Challenge
Riley, Chris and Joe head out to explore some trails North of Montreal. To the side of highway 125 near Chertsey they find a very nice trail network. At the next junction we see that we need a trail pass. We jump on the highway again and find some other trails that are free. At one point the entire road is washed out. With the help of the douche rope we make it through and keep going. Riley falls and jams his foot between a rock and an F800GS. Once again an MX boot saves the day.

The BMW GS Off Road Skills Demo at Motorcycle Live
This was the demonstration that was happening throughout the Motorcycle Live 2015 event and it was a cracking demo and something that I think I will try and squeeze into my tight 2016 schedule Simon Pavey and his team have developed their own unique programme for each level of training, that has been constantly refined to provide the best learning experience and most fun. Our instructors are not just great off-road riders with years of experience either; we put as much emphasis on their teaching abilities, techniques and skill. Being a great rider counts for nothing if you can’t clearly convey your knowledge. We pride ourselves on our instructors and we are always learning and developing our own teaching abilities. We are one of the only schools in the world that has a dedicated instructor training program designed to help us all grow as off-road trainers and provide the best customer care, service and teaching environment we can.