Awesome Players Off-Road MC Summer ( BMW F800GS, HP2, 1150GS, Honda XR650L )

This is all three clips merged now that Youtube allows longer videos. 42 minutes o' fun in HD! This is a compilation of 7 or 8 of our rides from this summer. Lots of sand, huge water crossings and spills. Low skill level makes for good video!

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BMW F800GS Product Review - Various Accessories
A few people have asked me about various bits I have installed on my F800GS over the years. In this clip you see my front Fenda Extenda, rear Mudsling mudguard by Machine Art Moto, my Touratech shifter and headlight guard. I cover the many Mootooverland parts I use, skid plate, toolbox,rear rack and side stand foot, I also talk about my Garmin 276 GPS, SPOT Messenger, Doube Take mirrors, Pazzo levers, Galfer Wave rotors, BiTubo suspension, Indy Unlimited shock mount kit, SW Motech side racks, Pirelli, Mitas and Dunlop tires, windshields, RAM mounts, tool tube and finally the additional BMW plugs I've added. Here is the link to the shock bolt kit.

Ice, Mud, Bent Wheels, Broken Mirrors, Cut Faces - BMW F800GS, BMW HP2
Chris, Jason and Motoriley head out for a little on-road ride. Everyone is rusty after a long winter so we decide to take it easy. Of course we end up deep in the woods climbing icy, muddy trails. Jason does a little damage to his 800 and his face but everyone makes it home. We also see how the Awesome Players are doing in the news and around the world.

Maintenance Party - Suzuki DR650, BMW F800s, 1150GS and HP2
If you ride your dualsport bike in the muck, water, snow and dirt. And if you occasional drop it in said muck, water, snow and dirt the you will have to eventually do some maintenance. After three season of abue we needed to catch up. So when the spring weather hit we found ourselves spinning wrenches instead of tires, Joe was getting his 1150GS ready for sale. He was putting back the stock tank and bodywork as well as the regular length shocks. Henrik was putting in a new clutch on the Mighty DR. Chris was pulling the HP2 out of storage. Riley was hosting the event and making the special coffee to fight the early morning chill. This would be the first of three such days to get ready for the season.

BMW F800GS & HP2 in the Limerick Forest plus a KTM 350 test ride.
Visit the Awesome Players on Facebook - Check out the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders - The Limerick Forest - The Ontario Dual Sport Club - The Bytown Motorcycle Association - On this ride we trailer the bikes a few hours to the Limerick Forest. My F800GS is shod with a new Pirelli MT21 in front and a D606 out back. Chris has the HP2 ready roll as well. We both have our GoPro HDs on our helmets to document the event. We are surprised to find that the OFTR and the BMA have an organized event running so we are the first to sign up and get stickers numbers 001 and 002. We get a few quizzical looks as we are the only entrants on big bikes. We quickly find out why as the trails are for the most part ver tight single track. The narrow tracks tire us of pretty quick and we each have a few falls. One of the OFTR fellows is nice enough to let us each try out his KTM 350. Beautiful bike, perfect for single track but a little small for our normal rides. It is also setup for a short rider but we enjoy the chance to ride a real dirt bike nonetheless. I also get slightly preachy about noise and respect to other trail user as well as how we all need to support organizations that are working for motorcyclist's rights.