drag race lifted ford 6.0 powerstroke diesel vs stock ford 7.3 power stroke black smoke

This is a drag race at 2009 rocky mountain cummins truck fest between a newer ford 6.0 diesel powerstroke vs an older Ford f250 powerstroke 7.3 diesel they ran good the lifted 6.0 with a 15 second and the older ford with a 17 second lots of black smoke

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This is a drag race at 2010 rocky mountain cummins truck fest at bandimere speedway between a Ford Powerstroke POWERSTROKE 6.0 vs DURAMAX 6.6

6.0 powerstroke racing a gto
My 2004 6.0 powerstroke with innovative tunes, fass, studs, and Exhaust and a new gto with spray in cecil, ga.

6.0L powerstroke vs cummins pull
Both trucks are chipped and are in 4 high.

Lifted Diesel Vs. Stock Gas Truck Drag Race!
Will a diesel with 40" tires beat a gas truck with stock tires?! In honor of getting 30k subscribers, we held the 30k drag race challenge! Loaded up the trucks, headed down to Mexico for a little racing action. I think you'll be surprised who comes out the winner! Workforit Gear: http://www.workforitapparel.com CONTACT INFO: Insta: Dmaxryno DmaxRyno@hotmail.com