01 acura 3.2L tl-p w/cold air intake Vs 2001bmw 3.5L740i

Acura TL(me) with cold air intake pulls on 2001 740i bmw..you can tell by the lights of the bmw

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Cold Air Intake with Blow Off Valve - Sound Test
CPE CAI - Homemade DIY Cold Air Intake with Blow Off Valve - Mazda cx7 -Sound Test Engine light is on for stuck EGR valve. fixed using seafoam. Melted out the stock MAF socket with a soldering iron. Purchased K&N air filter and placed it on the end of the tube. just that easy. This is a Mazda cx7 GT 2.3 L MZR turbocharged I4 with 244 bhp and has an internal blow off valve to regulate engine psi. The blow off valve sound is hidden while using the stock setup. After the modification the internal blow off valve can be heard. PriorToImpact Prior To Impact

Cold Air Intake Pt 2_ Acura TL 3.2
What's up guys! Its Julio back for part 2 of the WeaponR COld Air Intake. Check out what needed to be done. Subscribe to our channel for more mod videos! Follow me on Instagram @ lopezjcarz and on facebook jlmods. Like. Share. Comment. Subscribe. JLMODS

acura tl vs bmw 540i
bmw 540i, vs acura tl

2003 Acura 3.2TL Spectre Cold Air Intake
build my own spectre cold air intake and in stalled it on my 03 TL the vacuum lines were bitches to hook up so I was driving with my vaccum lines disconnected for 3 days but got them finally connected and it sounds great probably going to build it to a cold air over the summer.