Super Guy Breaking Car Window

My Brother breaking van car's window

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Left your keys inside? No problem, You need just a shoe lace and handy fingers. Good luck :) Tying the knot

Fireman finger MiniMyth | MythBusters
Subscribe to Discovery! | In this Web-exclusive minimyth, Kari, Grant and Tory take on a viral video in which a fireman appears to break a car window with nothing more than a tap of his finger. | For more Mythbusters videos or to submit a myth you want to see the Mythbusters test, visit For full episodes of MythBusters, visit

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Breaking Car Windows (and punching them)-bad idea.
We have a scrap car that we got rid of today. Decided to go have some run and get rid of some pent up rage against stupid vehicles (such as the Toyota Prius, all other hybrids, and the Dodge Stratus). It felt good, except for punching the windows, that was a bad idea. lol