300zx Anti Lag Bee R Rev Limiter

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BRUTAL Nissan 300zx Sound Compilation!
Here is a compilation of the powerful nissan 300zx as requested by some! This video features loads of burning rubber and enough anti lag fire to set your grandmas house on fire. Make sure you turn the volume up! Remember, if you want to see something on my channel then comment suggestions in the comment section! Remember to like this video, comment on it and share it with your friends! Facebook: That Car Sound Channel Instagram: thatcarsoundchannel_insta

Crazy Antilag & Rev Limiter Compilation
Best of antilag & rev limiter sounds in the web! SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY UPLOADS! Special credits to all the original uploaders, of the videos featured in here! If you are an uploader and have any questions, or want your video removed from here, please contact me first! If you want your video to feature in one of my videos, sent me pm. I will be more than happy to include your video in my compilations!

300zx bee r rev limiter
Playing around after work. :) bee r rev

how to set BEE-R Rev limiter for bigger flames
so people been asking me to create a small tutorial on how to use the bee r and make biggest flames or how do I have such big huge flames compared to most. In this video I explain how you use it, also when you have these setting and you are revig high don't press gas all the way down, you want to rev it just enough for it to reach its rev limit. So when I set it to 8 I rev it up to 6500 and keep it there make sure you hear it go brap bap bap bap not brap bap.....bap...bap... cuz it well shoot flames but not as consistent. sorry hope you understand kind hard to explain lol