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Nissan Frontier Exhaust

2003 Nissan Frontier CrewCab. 3.3L V6 with Dual 40 Series Flowmaster Exhaust.


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2004 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner w/ Glasspack exhaust
2004 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner with cherry bomb Glasspack muffler.

Frontier Dual Borla Exhaust
00 Frontier with dual Borla Pro XS mufflers.

2002 SuperCharged Frontier 0-60 run.
2002 Nissan Frontier SuperCharged, with just K&N intake and the resonator boxes removed. Just a simple 0-60 run. Filmed with GoPro HD!

Frontier Magnaflow exhaust few hard revs
Never made a video of my frontier revving hard with the magnaflow Exhaust so here it is, vg33 k&n intake and magnaflow Exhaust. If you have any questions please PM me.

2000 Nissan Frontier No Exhaust
Sound of Exhaust right out of the pipe. This was before the super 44 and wanted to see what it would sound like.

Nissan Frontier Hypertech before and after
2008 Frontier with and without a Hypertech Max Energy handheld programmer installed. Both runs were done on the same day running the same direction about 10 minutes apart. I used a G-Tech accelerometer. It may not be totally accurate but it is the best I can do.

2003 Nissan Frontier 4x4 Crew Cab
My Trade In From The 1995 Toyota T100 SR5 4x4 Extra Cab.

2002 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Exhaust

Nissan Frontier Exhaust Part II
Engine Rev

2012 Nissan Frontier/Navara Apexi N1 Exhaust
Non-turbo Apexi N1 Exhaust, stock cats

New Nissan Frontier Supercharged (commercial, 2001)
In the early 21st century Nissan got the idea of jumping up their small pickup truck by putting a Supercharger on it, instead of just putting a bigger engine in. With a Supercharger, the 3.3L Nissan VQ engine made 210HP. Nissan offered it in limited quantities for some reason, it's unclear if it was unpopular or if Nissan just didn't offer many. 3 years later (2004), Nissan redid the truck and dropped the Supercharger, instead putting in the largest displacement VQ engine ever made, a 4.0L making 265HP. So much for that experiment. The supercharged engine had the same fuel economy as the non-supercharged Frontier, although the later, more powerful 4.0L V6 made significantly better mpg (and more power) than either of them. A decade later, supercharging (including turbocharging) is now bursting out all over the place, including in trucks (but not gasoline Nissans, at least not yet). This spot aired on FOX during a showing of Malcolm in the Middle on Sunday January 14th, 2001.

Superchips vs Hypertech programmers on Nissan Frontier
Comparision test between a hypertech and a superchips cortex programmer on my 2008 Frontier 2wd automatic. The 87 octane tests were done in 40 degree weather about ten minutes apart from each other. The 93 octane tests were done in 55 degree weather about 15 minutes apart from each other. The superchips tests were done with the rev limiter raised (hypertech does not have this feature). I also tested the superchips on 93 octane with the timing advanced 2 and 3 degrees but the times were not as fast as they were with the timing at 0. Disclaimer: Your results may vary!

2003 Nissan Frontier XE-V6, Exterior
Exterior view of our Nissan Pickup

40 series Flowmaster on a 2003 2.4L 4x2 Nissan Frontier
Title says it all

2000 Nissan Frontier Super 44
2000 Nissan Frontier Super 44 with aem cai

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2011 Nissan Frontier : 13.490 @ 96.440
todd beluschek, Engine: 4.0,

2008 Nissan Frontier SE KC 4 x 2: 14.150 @ 95.880
Rodney, Engine: 4.0L, Tires: DOTS

2008 Nissan Frontier Se: 14.338 @ 94.350
John Colangelo, Engine: 4.0L, Tires: stock Burnout

2006 Nissan Frontier CC, SE, 4X4, Auto: 14.506 @ 93.100
Colt, Engine: VQ40DE, Tires: stock

2006 Nissan Frontier King Cab SE: 14.553 @ 93.210
NICK, Engine: VQ40, Supercharger: NONE Turbos: NONE Tires: stock

2006 Nissan Frontier SE Kingcab Intake Exhaust: 14.650 @ 93.282
Chris F, Engine: VQ40DE, Tires: stock tires

2006 Nissan Frontier SE, Crew Cab: 14.660 @ 93.400
John S., Engine: 4.0,

2007 Nissan Frontier KING CAB 2WD 6SPD: 14.991 @ 91.091
MASTIFF, Engine: STOCK, Supercharger: NO Turbos: N/A Tires: 25$ JUNK YARD TIRES REAR

2006 Nissan Frontier LE: 14.992 @ 92.130

2002 Nissan Frontier SC: 15.785 @ 95.960
Josh Millenaar, Engine: VG33, Supercharger: Eaton M92

2005 Nissan Frontier Nisma KC LE: 15.900 @ 86.000
Steve Soares, Engine: 4.0, stock, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: stock


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