Nissan Frontier Exhaust

2003 Nissan Frontier CrewCab. 3.3L V6 with Dual 40 Series Flowmaster Exhaust.

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Nissan frontier true dual exhaust flowmaster 40 series
my 2010 Nissan frontier pro4x 4.0L V6 with dual in and dual out (2.25" piping with Y pipe removed) Flowmaster 40 series Exhaust with less then 100 miles on them. Other then this the engine is stock besides a K&N High flow filter. I will say it sounds great in person, the video makes it sound a little higher pitched then hearing it first hand so make sure you take that into consideration after watching video's of Exhaust clips. under heavy acceleration it does get a little higher pitched then i would but overall i like it, thanks for watching.

ARB Air Locker 2003 Nissan Frontier V6 2wd at Nellis Dunes/Apex Las Vegas
Trying out the ARB air locker in my 2003 Nissan Frontier Xe V6 two wheel drive at the Nellis Dunes Apex, Las Vegas Nv. I'm very happy with the results despite a few hills being too steep for the truck. It is night and day compared to before the locker. When I bought the truck in 2003 I didn't know that I would need a 4x4. I didn't even have plans to go off-road. It was about a year later that I discovered how fun it was going off-road with my friends. I love my little truck and I just didn't have the heart to trade it in plus I had an ATV for years and that was all the off road I needed. After I finally sold the ATV I decided to fix up the truck and see what it could do. So far it's been really fun to see how far I can push this little 2wd truck.

Gibson Exhaust System- before and after
Gibson Exhaust system on 2000 Nissan Frontier 3.3L - before and after

Frontier Dual Borla Exhaust
00 Frontier with dual Borla Pro XS mufflers.