LS-T EG hatch dyno 12psi

Made 279 whp, LS turbo on 12psi of Boost. Car is slightly gutted, ran 11.9 1/4 mile firebird raceway

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S2000 NA Megan 3" and AEM v2 200+whp dyno
Dyno stock s2000 minus 3" Megan drift catback and aem v2 intake. Made 204whp

Boost Films SFL - Chris's K-Series EG Hatch Teaser (Prep for NDIMA Sept 16th 2012) [HD]
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b18 ls eg hatch vs b16 eg coupe

Honda Civic EG Hatch - Dyno Video - 265whp - eCtune - - EFI Tuning Solutions
Car is tuned by dkGoodrich with ectune on 7psi. Stock b16 motor. 3 pulls and some 6k anti lag shots. Mustang Dyno