LS-T EG hatch dyno 12psi

Made 279 whp, LS turbo on 12psi of Boost. Car is slightly gutted, ran 11.9 1/4 mile firebird raceway

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Mazdaspeed 3 vs Turbo Civic Hatch
My tuned and bolted stock turbo Mazdaspeed 3 @ 22psi vs Brandon's LS EG Precision Boosted @ 17psi. He asked me to run...

b18 ls eg hatch vs b16 eg 4 door remake
remake video with music messing with gopro studio done by Mario

0-120 B20 eg hatch
b20 non vtec eg hatch. ls transmission for those not familiar with honda's LS transmission has very long gears, therefor causing slow acceleration. BUT my mpg and top speed are amazing. when the light turned red i had to stop quickly... i have stock brakes and my e brake apparently sucks. there was alot of smoke coming from my brakes when i stopped. fully loaded down car with 4 people inside.

d16 turbo
50 trim turbo, 10 psi, 440cc injectors, chipped p28 running tune for a Boosted b16 with 540cc injectors.