1985 ford thunderbird barona drag strip 2-16-2013

Saturday at barona drag strip this very night ford thunderbird pro stock just like back in the day. Not many fans in the stands to see because of the NHRA Winternationals.

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Tbird Dyno 002.mov
Dyno Test on the Profab Chassis Race Car, 1985 Thunderbird body powered by a 500 cui Big Block Chevy engine runnig alcohol Injection. Testing perforned by the State of the Art Chassis Dyno Facility at Profab Chassis & Customs in Whitehouse Station , New Jersey. Test conducted on a DynoJet 224xlc 2000hp chassis Dyno. Baseline test before any tuning produced 730 hp 540 ftlbs at 7000 rpm

thunderbird turbocoupe at the dragstrip
good pass. Bad ET had some traction problems

95 Thunderbird Night Burnout
Locked in both tires. No Smoke, but gets loud after i release the brake, so turn the sound down

1988 ford thunderbird
My father's hotrods are 60s muscle cars, but I look at it as this was when he was in school. Well in 1988 I was 12 and this was a hot car on the Nascar track being a fan of course. And lets not forget 2 more things yesteryears cars were way over budget and how many more Mustang do you want to look at. This is my 4th bird I had an 87sport, 92sport, 88turbo, and this being my final one a sport coupe w/ a turbo coupe nose on it the plastic surgery has just begun. The car drives great and I am in no rush to get it done speaking of its 2012 and most those pics are 5-8 years ago. By the time my son can drive the car will be 35 years old that's equivalent to me driving to H.S in a 55 Chevy. But there's no way he will be driving it at that age at least w/out me. The car has many other mods done to it. There is plenty of 83-88 Cougar and Thunderbird enthusiast at foxtbirdcougarforums.com