timemachines rx7 8.74 et

timemachines rx7 running 8.74 on the stock suspension

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Fastest IRS RX7 in the world 7.87 et at 178 mph timemachines rx7
Been hunting the 7 second zone for a while on the stock independent suspension still working on the launch thanx to grs-motorsports for the footage

tmr timemachines racing Mazda rx7
timemachines racing mazda rx7, fastest irs mazda rx7

20B RX-7 vs GTR R35 - First run in RX-7
Drag race between brothers gets intense as Rob and Kevin duke it out on the drag strip. Rob recent purchased a 20b RX-7 and has never driven it on the strip. Will he beat the 504 HP 2010 GTR? Filming style courtesy of ABC's The Bachelorette. lol

Dyson 20B rx7 7.80@183mph