American Hotrod: Roy Schmidt Dies.

Taken from American Hotrod soon after Roy died. Had to be edited down slightly to fit in the 10 minute constraint.

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R.I.P. Boyd Coddington
This is a clip for the best hot rod builder in the world-Boyd Coddington.He was the host of ''American Hot Rod'' on ''Discovery Channel' Whenever there are clouds in the heavens we'll know it's you showing GOD how to do a great burnout.We love you Boyd!!! Rest In Peace!!!

Boyd Coddington Dead at 63 (Tribute Video) WMG COPYRIGHT
WMG claimed a copyright against the song I originally used, So they can choke on it. So I encourage you to illegally donwload Puff daddy I'll be missing you and play it while watching my video. Boyd Coddington Dead at 63 (Tribute Video)I just feel bad and this is the only way I could Express myself...Kinda feel we lost someone Anna nicole Smith. R.I.P. Car king.

Boyd Coddington mike curtis gets fired at Boyd Coddington
mja mike curis gets fired at boyd coddington he was working for foose see more boyd Coddington video's at salland 12 account rip Boyd Coddington

American HotRod Mike curtis accident
American Hot Rod Mike curtis accident