Audi TTRS Milltek Race exhaust

A better sound clip of the Milltek Race system on a TT-RS

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TTS Sound Klappenabgasanlage by Capristo exhaust
TTS mit neuer Klappenabgasanlage Zuerst im Reisemodus, dann Sportmodus und dann als letztes im Klappen offen Modus... Cat-back Exhaust Valve controlled Exhaust by Capristo (Valves open @ 0:45) With the Capristo Exhaust the performance of the TTS increased by 6 HP and 19 Nm !

415HP Sportec Audi TT-RS Acceleration+Sound
2 Nice TT-RS' in white and grey. The white one i saw at a gas station near the nordschleife and the grey one i saw at the nordschleife. Nice 5 cylinder sound. The white one is tuned by It has 415 hp and 630 nm of torque. I think the grey one is stock. Also this is my first vid i think in 1080p HD. It's just a little test because the rendering takes longer and the file is bigger. Usually i use 720p. Enjoy and please comment rate and subscribe.

Audi TTRS OEM vs Milltek
TTRS S-Tronic OEM (Milltek 2nd decat pipes) versus full Milltek turbo Back Exhaust without cats. Comparison between sportsmode on/off and launch control. It was pretty windy during the recordings with the OEM Exhaust and also from a different height, which could cause it sounds less. But the full Milltek TBE sounds a but louder and more shrill.

Audi TT RS with Milltek Sport Racing Exhaust System
Shown during final testing of the Exhaust system. This car is running 420bhp+! The Milltek Exhaust system features an Active Exhaust Valve (AEV). The AEV is an electronic flap which works on one of two tailpipes. When closed, the valve helps to keep the sound volume to a minimum but when you press the 'Sport' button the valve opens up and releases everything that the 2.5 litre 5-cylinder turbo engine has to offer.