Exploded TRX 3.3 (HD)

Blew up the 3.3 just recently inside look on a blown nitro engine.

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Trying to blow a traxxas 3.3 attempt #1
My engine in my t-maxx 3.3 was junk so I tried to blow it.

RC Overload - Traxxas Revo 3.3 - Nitro Motor Overview & Rebuild - PT 1
Lets start off this project with a teardown of the TRX 3.3 nitro motor. In a 2 part series. I will go over how to dissasemble, clean & Put back together the Traxxas 3.3 Motor from my 1/10 Revo. In the first part of this video I share a basic over view of a nitro motor, just for the new guys that may not understand what it is I am talking about at times. Next I start dismantling the motor, to get inside to clean out all of the old gummed up fuel. Tried out a new video setting in this video let me know what you think....BTW its cinematic mode. Feel free to subscribe for more updates on the Behemoth! RCnewb.com wrote up a small article for this video on his Blog. Feel free to take a look at it here - http://rcnewb.com/blog/2014/01/28/are-you-a-nitro-newb-this-video-series-mi ght-help-you-out/ Don't Forget to Comment, Like & Subscribe! Website - http://www.rcoverload.com T-Shirts & Sweatshirt's - http://www.rcoverload.com/p/clothing.html © RC Overload, All Rights Reserved. RC Overload is not "directly" affiliated with any Radio control Manufactures, Venders, Company's or Corporations. RC Overload is for entertainment purposes only, as a self-promoter and entertainer for the Radio control hobby! RC Overload is not responsible for your own actions with your radio controlled vehicles that is or was performed by yourself or anyone else.

How To Quickly Start a Nitro Engine (SH .28 Engine)
A video to help people who are just getting into nitro RCs on how to quickly start a nitro engine. If you are wondering what truck I have, it's called the "HSP Tornado", and it's 1/8th scale. I am probably going to do a review on it sometime, so make sure to subscribe!

Trx 3.3 first tank break-in
Got a new piston and sleeve so we are breaking it in