Model T

Ford Model T restoration video history, done by me at Flip That Ride

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1928 Ford Leatherback Restoration
This is part 1 of a 2 part video documenting the restoration of a 1928 Ford Model A Leatherback 4 door.

Ford Model T 1927 Matane
Matane Restoration and transformation ford model t 1927

Un-burying a Model T in the woods
This is what is left of a Model T that was buried on the edge of my wood line. From my research I am making a guess that it is in between 1916-1920 for a manufacture date but I could be very wrong. Anyways there is a lot of cool parts here and to my surprise some of the bolts come loose easily. Hope you enjoy watching.

Ford Model T
A video about the Ford Model T followed by how to start one up. Skip to 1:52 for how to start up Ford Model T