Model T

Ford Model T restoration video history, done by me at Flip That Ride

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Ford Model T Speedster Chassis and Suspension
This is the beginning of our Model T speedster build. We are recreating a speedster that was built in 1936 by a family member. It uses a Model T front axle, engine, frame and Model A rear axle and transmission.

1928 Ford Leatherback Restoration
This is part 1 of a 2 part video documenting the restoration of a 1928 Ford Model A Leatherback 4 door.

Tudor Wheels Ford Model T Restoration Agatha Ambulance built by Richard Skinner
A short movie featuring a time-lapse (by Rob @ TNT Films) of the WW1 Ford Model T Ambulance re-creation named Agatha plus the first start up and finished vehicle. Built for Rob and Emma in recognition of the amazing work of the 1st Aid Nursing Yeomanry FANYs during WW1.

Un-burying a Model T in the woods
This is what is left of a Model T that was buried on the edge of my wood line. From my research I am making a guess that it is in between 1916-1920 for a manufacture date but I could be very wrong. Anyways there is a lot of cool parts here and to my surprise some of the bolts come loose easily. Hope you enjoy watching.