Throw Back - Candy Magnum RT on 30's - Riding Clean

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1st Dodge Magnum On 30s !!!! The 1st Dodge Magnum on 30" rims which is from Florida.This Magnum is a R/T so a HEMI is under the hood.It was on the cover of the Oct/Nov 09' RIDES magazine.Florida is always doing something FOOLISH !!!!!!! Song:Plies-"Plenty Money instrumental"

Dodge Magnum Fest Dodge Magnum 2005-2008 SE SXT R/T SRT-8 Song 1-Don V-"Big Wheels" Song 2-Nappyville-"Ima Roller"

Тюнинг Авто DODGE MAGNUM with iPad in the DASH on 30' DUB Floaters.mp4

dodge magnum on 30's dub kingster beating
MR eastside on da track aka Big pat trapin