Throw Back - Candy Magnum RT on 30's - Riding Clean

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1st Dodge Magnum On 30s !!!! The 1st Dodge Magnum on 30" rims which is from Florida.This Magnum is a R/T so a HEMI is under the hood.It was on the cover of the Oct/Nov 09' RIDES magazine.Florida is always doing something FOOLISH !!!!!!! Song:Plies-"Plenty Money instrumental"

Dodge Magnum Fest Dodge Magnum 2005-2008 SE SXT R/T SRT-8 Song 1-Don V-"Big Wheels" Song 2-Nappyville-"Ima Roller"

Тюнинг Авто DODGE MAGNUM with iPad in the DASH on 30' DUB Floaters.mp4

Veltboy314 - 2K17 Florida Classic Friday Night PREVIEW - Whips, Big Wheels, Loud Music, Stuntin!
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