high speed police chase and Crash in Iran + English subtitles

4 cars were racing down one of Iran's roads but it ended up is a car crash. I added subtitles for people who do not know Persian. Regarding the music, I know its pretty good but I cannot find a download link right now , when I find it i will put it here. Enjoy. BTW. like 15 seconds of the beginning were missing (boring anyways) but this was the best Quality I could find HOW TO ACTIVATE CC it should activate automatically but if it doesn't press CC on the RIGHT of the annotation button)

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Burglary Suspects, High Speed Chase South LA | 2-26-2013
*Update 3-18-2013* Top topic is the make/model of the vehicle. It is a third generation Lexus GS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexus_GS#Third_generation_.28S190.29 You don't have to believe me, but believe me. Its a Lexus. *Update 3-12-2013* many request for re-upload of part 2 http://youtu.be/iAuEY9eFLDs *Update 3-8-2013* part 2 had to be taken down due to copyright claim. Part 2 here: http://youtu.be/M8g0PCvHFv0