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Honda vtec race japan

Japanese championship


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*Part 1* 1992 Hi-Land 300km Japanese Group A Championship
1992 Hi-Land 300km Japanese Group A event. Great incar with the JACCS EG civic.

09もてチャン もてぎシビック最終戦 17台ごぼう抜き 公式レース
09シーズン、もてぎチャンピオンカップ最終戦のもてぎ ビックの車載映像です。予選のトラブルにより最後尾 タートとなりました。09シーズンは全戦でファステス ラップを記録しました。このレースも最後尾からファ テストラップを叩き出しながらの猛追です。スタート ら2ラップ目までの一部抜粋映像です。詳細はご来店い だいた際にお見せしております。どうぞお気軽にご来 ください。http://www.ken-auto.jp/ ケンオートまで!!

Honda Integra Type R 220HP vs Civic D16Z6T 250HP revenge
Integra Type R 220HP/199Nm weight 1030 Civic D16Z6 turbo 0,65bar 250HP/267Nm weight 950 Sometime - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7gn_e03oMo Camera - Panasonic Lumix FT1

Honda VTEC in Egypt
Honda VTEC con NOS & turbo Especial in Egypt Street dedicated to the SK power-brothers

Illegal street race / Japan - Skyline
Illegal awesome street race and drift. Car - Nissan Skyline. Night racing around Tokyo. Onboard video. Enjoy!

MUGEN CRX (kai) Team North latitude 36° special

Dubai Race Track - Fast Honda Civic - Mohammed Owais
Fast Honda Civic, very excellent tune. This is the movie of the race which took place in Dubai 19th Dec. 2008 and Mohamed got 1st place. www.lap57.com Check of the overtaking, amazing car race.

Honda VTEC Compilation. A few VTEC kick's

Honda Civic EF9 vs EG6
Štvrtá (1988-91) vs piata (1992-95) generácia Hondy Civic

Honda vtec race japan
Japanese championship

2005/4/16 セントラルサーキット EF9シビック
NA・ターボクラス混走 どんどん抜いていってますが、 ッション馴らしで予選タイムアタック出来ず中盤手ス ートとなった為ですw

無限 MUGEN- HONDA Catalog..vol.1

Honda Vtec Challenge - Overview
WHAT IS THE HONDA VTEC CHALLENGE? The 2011 VTEC Challenge is a new and exciting Race series that will be running in conjunction with BARC - the British Automobile Racing Club and with support from Yokohama Tyres. The series aims to provide an ideal setting for the newcomer to racing to feel welcome, safe and to quickly learn the ropes and come up to speed alongside a mixture of novices and more experienced drivers. With full tyre sponsorship, on-site spares and service support and with a race car available from as little as £5000, the series aims to be a very financially viable series that caters for all Honda enthusiasts. WHY A NEW SERIES? Until now, there were only a handful of Hondas racing on the same grid in the UK, but the VTEC Challenge aims to change that with full grids, huge support from the Honda community and plenty of action at premier circuits across the UK. In addition to a group of people already racing Hondas in various race series already, a number of Honda owners had expressed an interest in taking the next step on from trackdays and sprints, and going racing. It was, however, important to keep the same core values that form the ethos behind the track day club, i.e. safety, sociability and value for money. HOW DOES IT WORK? A normal race weekend will involve 15 minutes of qualifying, plus two races of at least 15 minutes each so 45 minutes track time in total. We plan to keep things simple running just 5 classes based on engine capacity which will cater for all Honda models. No Forced induction will be allowed, although engine swaps into different models and engine enhancing modifications are all free providing the engine is originally from a Honda production road car. The classes will be as follows Class A - 2023cc - 2200cc (min 1100kgs) (e.g. H22, Stroked bored B18s and K20s, K24, C32B) Class B - 1821cc - 2022cc (min 1050kgs) (e.g. K20, F20C, Stroked/bored B18s) Class C - 1617cc - 1820cc (min 980kgs) (e.g. B18, stroked B16s) Class D - up to 1616cc (min 880kgs) (e.g. B16, D15, D16) Tuner Class - any engine size (min 1000kgs)and cars which fall outside the regs of classes A to D The only permitted tyres for the 2011 VTEC Challenge will be the Yokohama A048, putting everyone on a level playing field. The tyres will be heavily discounted if purchased through the nominated Yokohama supplier, so costs are kept to a minimum. WHAT ARE THE PROJECTED COSTS? Apart from the obvious costs such as your Honda Race car, National B race licence and Safety gear, we expect the costs to be around £280 for each Race meeting (Qualifying and 2 races) with an additional one off registration and BARC membership fee of £200 at the beginning of the year which entitles you to entry to the series plus lots of additional benefits. HOW DO I EXPRESS AN INTEREST? You can get on the VTEC Challenge forum where all the relevant information will be easily accessible.

Honda vtec race japan 2007max
Honda vtec DOHC japanese race championship

Honda vtec race japan
Honda vtec DOHC japanese race championship

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