Best NASCAR crashes of 2011

Just a few wrecks I've compiled together. I also don't put up with trolls on this channel so don't bother, it'll get removed.

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Best NASCAR crashes of 2011 Part 2
Here are a few more wrecks. Some of the transitions aren't as smooth as the first video cause some of the announcers are so damn long-winded.

Danny Bagwell Flips Violently At Daytona 1999 LIVE
5 laps to go. It's very unclear how Danny got upside down originally but you can see the destruction as the car just tumbles along. I'm saying he got loose coming off of turn 4, got sideways and the grip just sent the car over. It's happened many times.

FAILS -NASCAR Inside Line (Crash Compilation)
Nascar Inside Line Crash Compilation. Fails. Nascar Inside Line Gameplay of crashes and fails and fails and crashes and stuff. I never knew driving in circles is so dangerous. Many more fails and Crashes to come! Stay Tuned (Also more Fails on my channel of other game fails.... fail...) Nascar Inside Line Fails (Crash Compilation) Nascar Fails Nascar Fail Nascar Crashes Nascar Crash

2010 NASCAR on FOX Top 10 Crashes (Part 1)
Fox is celebrating 10 years of broadcasting NASCAR.