Best NASCAR crashes of 2011

Just a few wrecks I've compiled together. I also don't put up with trolls on this channel so don't bother, it'll get removed.

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Best NASCAR crashes of 2011 Part 2
Here are a few more wrecks. Some of the transitions aren't as smooth as the first video cause some of the announcers are so damn long-winded.

Nascar Teammate Takeouts
Thanks for watching guys! I hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you guys have any ideas or could subscribe that would be great as well! Thanks to Zack Nunley for the idea: All credits go to: ESPN, ABC, TNT, Fox Sports, NBC, and CBS

NASCAR Drivers Who Almost Got Their First Win
I got this video idea from the thumbnail witch Denny Hamlin beat William Byron to the line by a bumper to steal the kid's first win. This video was made for entertainment purposes only and all credit goes to FOX, NBC, ESPN and NASCAR.

Motorsport Crashes - The best Red Flag crashes 2
so I watch a lot of Motorsport crashes compilations but none of them have really covered the really big ones that cause a halt to proceedings. so I thought I would be the first to do it! hope you enjoy it! Motorsport Crashes- The best red flag crashes Episode 2 2013 special - Episode 1 - Episode 3! - Episode 4 - notes: no serious injuries no music on video is some German commentary Like and Subscribe!