Montecarlo SS MADE IN MEXICO 0-120 kmph 0-75 mph

My 1984 Montecarlo SS auto 5.7l, bone stock, in mexico city notice that the engine is in very bad shape and the carb is working with only 2 barrels,

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Chevy Montecarlo SS 1984 Mexicano 2
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Monte Carlo SS vs Mustang GT
Race 2

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 1984
La triste historia del Montecarlo con llantas cuarteadas!!

1984 Monte Carlo SS Cold Start
Decided to go out and start up the old Monte Carlo today since it was warm. It hadn't been started in a while since it's a project car, but it runs pretty decent. Would run better with a better carburetor, which will come along at some point along with a lot of other work.