compare it! Seat Leon Cupra - Road car versus racing car | drive it

We take the standard Leon Cupra road car onto a racing track and compare it to the souped-up racing version.The Leon Cupra is designed to give a high-performance feeling on the roads, with 240 horsepower from a modern two-liter turbo engine. Pure power combines with a lower chassis to make the Leon Cupra almost the same as the racing version in the World Touring Car Championship and the Seat Leon Supercopa. But can it match the racing model?

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Russia - Eduard Shevardnadze, Architect of Unification | European Journal
Germany could not have been reunited without the assent of the Soviet Union. The Germans had a staunch ally in the Soviet Union's then-Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze.Mikhail Gorbachev's Perestroika and Glasnost policies contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fact that Germany was reunited less than a year later is due in large part to Shevardnadze. He convinced Gorbachev that German unity was urgent. The path to it, however, was lined with problems. In particular, it was hard for the Soviets to accept that unified Germany would belong to NATO.

test it! Citroën C-Crosser | drive it
In 2007 Citroën released their first SUV, the C-Crosser. We take a closer look at the car - at the three rows of seats with 7 seats in it! tests the 156 horsepower diesel version. The double clutch system is new. The gears can change automatically or be changed manually by paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The top model sells for 40,500 euros. But is it worth the money?

present it! The Audi A7 | drive it
Audi's trying to conquer a new market territory with its A7. The luxury sport coupe is an elegant four-door that combines the sportiness usually found in a two-door, the comfort of a sedan and the cargo capacity of a station wagon.Visually, the A7 is dynamic, with a long hood, flowing lines on the sides and a powerful tail. It also features the latest in assistance systems for the drivers. In Germany, the basic model of the A7 sells for 51,650 euros. drive it! also presents its competitors from Mercedes and BMW.

The Motor Magazine - 29.09.2010 | drive it
drive it! tackles all terrains - going on a motocross, on board an SUV for an off-road spin and in a regular road car around a racing track. drive it! - on and off road.