winching up a tractor

When you gotta pickup a tractor yourself, a winch is the best way to go.

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The Bush Winch

Kohler LT1000 Old start cold start
Finally gonna try starting this thing after sitting since 2009 sometime. Had to replace the fuel pump, still needs other work.

Bed mounted winch 1995 F150 Part 1 of 3

Road to Wagon Fest, epic tire failure
Just a few clips of the drive to Wagon Fest 2010 in Waterloo, NY. I didn't actually get any shots at teh fest this year, besides the little clip of the cruise in this video. The whole ride up and part way back there was a ton of vibrations in my wagon. Eventually found the problem to be a tire with a broken belt that blew out. For pics of Wagon Fest by others who attended, go to -thread-t1484.htm