winching up a tractor

When you gotta pickup a tractor yourself, a winch is the best way to go.

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Winch on back of truck
Winching tractor up on back of.

The Bush Winch

Winching a Lawn Tractor Into the Cart
In this video Dave and I are loading a junky tractor into the flatbed cart. We added a floor and a portable 2,000lb electric winch onto the big cart we bought from Tractor Supply Co for the purpose of hauling lawn tractors. This Sears Companion had a locked transaxle and stripped steering gear, so it would have been hard to move otherwise. This setup has been a real time (and back) saver, and I don't know how we did without it. I sped up the video in one part becaue the winch takes about 2.5 minutes to pull a tractor up the ramps and into the bed. We don't mind it because the winch is remote controlled and moves so slow just one person can safely load up a tractor. You can also see the Wizard in action as it makes short work of this task. Oh yeah, when we got down to the garage we discovered the Companion had a stowaway that took a ride with us. I wonder if he came with the tractor when I bought it?

How to Load a Lawn Mower on a Truck using Ramps by yourself
I could have pushed the lawnmower up the ramp but that would have been anticlimactic. Instead, I went for the more complicated way of loading the lawnmower using two come-alongs and a nylon ratchet strap. This is the Rube Goldberg Method!!! Filmed on GoPro Hero4 Black 4k using Time Lapse 0.5s video. Mark My Spot Location Marker App for Android: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Tumblr: Instagram: Music: Oskar Hill & Meizong - The Sound Of Summer by Oskar Hill is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Keywords: How to load a lawn mower on a truck How to load a lawn mower in a truck How to load a lawnmower on a truck How to load a lawnmower in a truck