winching up a tractor

When you gotta pickup a tractor yourself, a winch is the best way to go.

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Installing The One Man EZ Load
New Concept Product - ONE MAN EZ LOAD -- Contact Information Below -- Pyramid Power Pull - Dual-Line Truck Winching System -- Now Available--Contact and Product Information below - Pickup Truck Loading System -- One Man EZ Load System -- Being installed on a Pickup Truck bed. Limited quantities of this new (Pat Appl) Pickup Truck winch system are now available (Designed to work with all loading ramps) . Works equally well for both loading and unloading. We probably have a system model designed for your truck. A great new truck accessory to have available in your tool set. With this system you won't need a trailer. Please contact us for application information, pricing, and further details.For ordering info or additional information about the product or if you have questions, send an Email - inquiry to --- ---SEE OUR OTHER LOADING VIDEOS---

Winch on back of truck
Winching tractor up on back of.

The Bush Winch

Unloading lawn tractor with winch
Unloading a lawn tractor with a winch.