Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 3 - 2011 GONE Car Show

Highlights and interviews from the 2011 GONE (G8 Owners International Event) car show. I interview the event organizer and the owners of some special cars. I also drop a hint as to the status of my GTO. Check it out!

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Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 4 - Return of the GTO!
After 2 long months, I finally have the GTO back. Today I'm at Tri-State Dragway in Earlville, IA for a Test and Tune day. Updates on the car are provided as well as some racing footage. Enjoy! Music at the end was performed by Filter and is not my intellectual property.

Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 2 - I'm back!!!
Finally, after a year hiatus, I have been able to make another episode of Josh's Car Corner. An explanation as to where I have been and what has been going on lately.

Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 26 - Gen 4 LS Engine Cam Swap
In this episode, my friend Joe and I will be swapping a bigger cam into his G8 GXP and we will show you the process for doing this swap in your own car. Blood, sweat, and horsepower will all be on show. Enjoy!

Monster Truck | Sports Car Monster Truck | Kids Car Race
Monster Truck | Sports Car Monster Truck | Kids Car Race: Watch as Sports Car convert it self as huge monster truck in a race and smash everything which comes its way