Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 3 - 2011 GONE Car Show

Highlights and interviews from the 2011 GONE (G8 Owners International Event) car show. I interview the event organizer and the owners of some special cars. I also drop a hint as to the status of my GTO. Check it out!

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Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 44 - DUBS For My Goat!
In this episode, I'm finally back to working on the GTO! I've got my new wheels and tires assembled, and they are ready to be mocked up to make sure they'll fit on the car. I'll also be installing new wheel studs in the back, making sure that whatever mods I have to make for wheel clearance will keep the car rust free.

Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 4 - Return of the GTO!
After 2 long months, I finally have the GTO back. Today I'm at Tri-State Dragway in Earlville, IA for a Test and Tune day. Updates on the car are provided as well as some racing footage. Enjoy! Music at the end was performed by Filter and is not my intellectual property.

Hooters Hot Rods - Custom NOX Pontiac G8 GT!
Brad's 2008 G8 GT is huntin' hemi's with a lil surprise in the trunk. Custom paint, interior, and fortified V8 with a symphonic Exhaust note, the Great G8 is turning heads here in Jacksonville FL.

G8 Meet Exhaust 1
G8 Meet Exhaust comparisons