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Todd Majestics

Living the low life episode


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Livin' The Low Life_ Spike's Shop

Livin the Low Life: The Impala Part 1
Featuring the Duke's Car Club.

GoodTimes So Cal Vs Spike
GoodTimes CC Hop...All GoodTimes

Livin' The Low Life Hydraulics Baby

A Day with the Majestics Car Club
This took place a couple years back at a Lowrider show in Tampa, FL. All of the east coast chapters got together along with our brothers from Chicago, North Texas and Kansas City. The Majestics showed its power on the east coast that day and let everyone know that we are a force to recon with. We took over 10 trophies home and club participation. While our west coast brothers continue to demonstrate their strong presence in the Lowrider community, the Midwest, east coast and south are doing the same. Like always "From The Streets To The Show" The Majestics don't stop! Big ~M~ for Life Them N.C. Boyz

Todd's 61 Hopper
Todd from Majestics-Glendale, AZ hopping his 1961 Impala at the 35th annual Tejano Super Car Show

Livin the Low Life - Stylistics Car Club
SPEED TV's Livin the Low Life segment with the STYLISTICS Car Club, L.A. Chapter.

Majestics Hop '11
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Vida Guerra interview impala gamekilla.
Vida Guerra from the Living the low life show. Interviews the long awaited 1961 convertable impala called, "Gamekilla." This is a very special lowrider from that will be out 2009


Livin the Low Life: La Familia Part 1
Featuring the Duke's.

Gangster from Majestics CC Compton (Lowrider)
Gangster from Majestics Car Club Compton shows how his Lowriders get fixed. Straight from the Backyard for the Streets. He explains his attitude of lowriding.

The new owners of the Santana 64 in japan
from Majestics Car Club Compton

61 Impala The 1st 01/01/08 Long Beach hopping
61 Impala hopping

UCE Family (Part 2)
Livin The Low Life Season 2 episode featuring UCE Car Club.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2003 Volkswagen Golf R32 Twin Turbo: 10.179 @ 137.236
Paul Dziubek, Engine: R32 Turbo, Turbos: 2 x Garrett GT30/76 HF Tires: Hoosier DOT Radial 225/50R15

2006 BMW M5 : 10.578 @ 130.190
Mike, Engine: V10, Tires: MT Drag Radial

2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 : 10.610 @ 129.210
Adrian Gordon, Engine: 3.2L vr6, Turbos: Precision pt74

2006 BMW M5 AWD Motorsports Nitrous: 10.908 @ 127.380
Mike, Engine: V10, Tires: MT Drag Radial

2013 BMW M5 Tune, Meth, Exhaust: 10.958 @ 131.540
EFI, Engine: 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo, Tires: drag radials

2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 : 10.988 @ 129.690
Joe Cleary, Engine: 3.2+, Turbos: precision 6266

2013 BMW M5 : 11.073 @ 128.680
Kamil Wozowicz DTMHAUS, Engine: 4.4, Supercharger: no Turbos: yes Tires: stock

2000 Volkswagen Golf R32 2.8V6 ProTurbo: 11.101 @ 128.000
Daniel Jastrzębski, Engine: 2.8V6, Turbos: turbonetics t3/t4 Tires: yokohama parada spec 2

2013 BMW M5 f10: 11.308 @ 131.960
Akash K.(Akh23456) ,

2013 BMW M5 F10 ASR Tuned: 11.321 @ 127.030
Abid , Tires: Stock

2013 BMW M5 : 11.321 @ 128.570
Akh23456 (Akash),

2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 Precision T61 Turbo: 11.378 @ 124.000
Chris Dell, Engine: 3.2 liter VR6, Turbos: Precision T61

2009 Volkswagen Golf R32 DSG: 11.380 @ 129.200
Jacques de Beer , Engine: 3.2, Turbos: GT35

2013 BMW M5 : 11.383 @ 127.310
Kamil Wozowicz, Engine: 4.4, Supercharger: no Turbos: yes Tires: stock PSS

2013 BMW M5 F10 PP-Performance : 11.474 @ 124.740
HH.SRH, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Garrett (stock) Tires: Stock

2014 BMW M5 BMS Stage1 Tune: 11.493 @ 126.720
Terry Burger,

2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 : 11.500 @ 124.200
James Crist, Engine: 3.3L, Turbos: 6265

2010 BMW M5 : 11.544 @ 118.500
KenL, Engine: V10, Tires: 315/30-18 Hoosier drag radials

2013 BMW M5 f10 : 11.546 @ 127.410
Akash (Akh23456), Turbos: stock Tires: Pss

2013 BMW M5 : 11.560 @ 130.080
Akh23456 (Akash) ,


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