2001 Lincoln Town Car! Former funeral lead car with custom made offset 18" American Racing wheels!

2001 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series. I'm the 2nd owner. The first owner was actually a local funeral home! It was driven by one of their executive's and also used as a lead car in funeral processions! It still has the aftermarket 'wig-wag' strobe bulbs in the headlight assembly's. THESE ARE NOT Mustang WHEELS! 18"x10" Mustang wheels will not fit the back of a stock Town Car properly because of the offset. If they did, everyone would have them on a Town Car or Crown Victoria! The wheels are American Racing Torque Thrust II classics. I had these custom made through their custom shop to my specs. They took 3 months to get. I then had the center spokes painted body color. The rear's are 18"x10" with BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW 285/40/18's and the front's are 18"x8" with 245/45/18's. My wheels bolt to the hub. There are no spacers and no modifications to the car! I wanted a no compromise wheel and tire combo and I succeeded. It's truly one of a kind...with some interesting history. The only other mods are a set of KYB shocks and I installed the optional factory rear sway bar. If you must know the offset front and rear, send me a message.

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I apologize if I was a bit Jerky for making fun of this car. I know someone put a lot of time into it. I just think it was time that could have been better spent. They have effectively put a Rolls Royce Phantom body kit onto a Lincoln Town Car. They definitely could have spent a little more time on the fit and finish to make the quality a bit better. Anyway, I thought you'd find it interesting. Thanks for watching! Rolls Royce Phantom Lincoln Town Car Hybrid British American cross luxury car body kit fiberglass automobile auto car show vintage classic collector hot rod rat rod custom built sedan RamblinAround Rambling vlog hd partner