Truck Session 2011 #5


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エアサス C1500

LowSchoolCustoms カーセンサーにて車両販売中でしたがご成約済みとなり ました。7/31 他にもカスタムトラックあり↓ 2ポンプ3バッテリー4ダンプ

Bus stuck in Brasilito Beach, Costa Rica.mp4
I got to the scene late, and here is what I pieced together. This tourist bus was stuck on high tide in Brasilito Beach, in Costa Rica. I don't know why the driver decided to park on the beach but high tide kicked in and before he knew it, he was stuck. There is a red jeep behind that tried to help him out, but got stuck too. I decided to go help with the pushing of the bus as well as my friend. This video shows where we finally where able to get it to move, but fails to show the part where it is pulled out. Very entertaining though. I had a blast just being in there pushing and in the action. I was wearing the yellow shirt and Texas Longhorn hat.

c1500 カスタム エアサス キャンディーアップルレッド