Ram SRT-10 VS Dodge Charger SRT-8

Im in my 2004 Ram SRT-10 VS a 2012 Dodge Charger SRT-8.....WINNING!!! Please Like And Share My Video, Thanks!

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Ram SRT10 Vs Charger SRT8 plus bonus
run emmmmmm

Ram SRT10 vs Mustang GT vs 2013 5.0
2006 Ram SRT10- Mopar Catback 2013 5.0-Exhaust and idk what else .Automatic 2007 GT -Catback ,CAI THE RIGHT WAY TO BREAK IN NEW TIRES!......

Lightning vs SRT-10 by S.I.M.C. Productions
Ford Lightning goes against "The Black Beast" Dodge SRT-10 supercharged Viper truck. Both of these trucks are hellacious power houses. lightning has aem intake, smaller charger pulley bringing 13.5 lbs of Boost ,with special tuned diablo sport tuner. hedman hedders and magnaflow Exhaust and 4-11 gears with shift kit.... dodge has paxton Supercharger at 5 lbs Boost, after market cam , rear traction bars, full magnaflow Exhaust system, 4-88 gears, extreme brand engine control Check out our NEW YouTube Channel!!! OpenTheGrate https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfK1CwPdtGO8Xwz1S6s_gg

Dodge Ice Charger - Fast 8
Dom's Dodge Ice Charger - Fast & Furious 8. We all know that Dom has to have the best rides in the film and this one is definitely right there at the top, when it comes to full on custom. Take a closer look and it feels that this car could actually star in Mad Max and XXX it’s that moody and aggressive. The bodywork was all custom made in-house at Vehicle Effects, with the aim to keep the original look of the Charger but with added toughness. Those wide arches look insane to say the least and I especially love that cut away style that Dennis’s team created. They truly suit the rear bumper combined with the spoiler. Not much of the original car is left as the chassis was custom made, including the front end of the car and much more. It doesn’t have a front sway bar, so Dennis added a rear sway bar to allow the car to have over-steer, which is what’s needed in movie scenes. With the ice elements that the car would be subject to, the car was built to work in these environment. The interior has been reconstructed due to the custom work that was required underneith the Charger, with only one Sparco bucket seat for the driver and the fuel lines tucked away behind it.