Recorded on January 19, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder. QUICK DROP AN DRAGG

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AB at Carlisle - Mini Trucks, Draggin...
Abnormal Behavior at Carlisle All Truck Nationals 2008. Mini trucks draggin.

1970 toyota hiluxXx bagged...
this here is my bagged 1970 toyota hilux truck just a simple walk about.. tour of the truck and what all i done done to it. its pretty damn strait it's got damn good interior for its age. 4 speed went from drums in the front to an 81 toyota disc brake set up.. truck stops like hell now!! need to fix the rear air cylinders and it's pretty much ready to take any where!!! lots of new parts under the hood and doin pads all the way around this weekend and maybe some fat white walls in a few weeks .. work in progress yall.

Toyota Pickup V8 9 11 09
If you saw this pickup, you know why it's here. If you were spanked by this pickup, you are not alone!

Truck Lowering Kits - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport
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