Saab Festival, Trollhättan, Sweden, 2013

Some clips from my trip to Saab Festival in Trollhättan, Sweden.

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SAAB-Festival Trollhättan 2015
Impressionen vom Internationalen SAAB-Festival in Trollhättan (5. - 7. Juni 2015) Musik : "Automatic" von Gareth Johnson ( "Inspired by Robots" von Terry Devine-King ( Einen zusätzlichen Bericht und ganz viele Bilder findet ihr auf :

SAAB Festival 2015 i Trollhättan
SAAB Festival 2015 Trollhättan Udstilling af deltagernes biler søndag 7. juni

Saab 92H Motorhome
Pics and movie clips of the only two vintage SAAB Rv´s (motorhomes) ever built. Passing the two on the way to Ramsele car show. The red one is "little brother", a pre-production model and the blue one is the 2-stroke prototype called "big brother".This video contains new pics and clips as well as the two clips you could view on this channel before. The original clips has been removed.

Saab, biltillverkning 1960
Klipp ur filmen "aktuellt om Saab". Tillverkning och testkörning av Saab 96, 1960