2000 Audi S4 Stage 4 Tial650R rips through gears 1-3.

The car just keeps pulling harder and harder at the rpm's climb until it hits the 8k rpm rev limiter. Built by myself (Jordan Smith) and tuned by VAST performance. Tuned at 4000 feet elevation.

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MRC Audi S4 3 litre k24 turbos 2nd to 5th
MRC 3 litre k24 turbo S4 runnig 1.45 bar flat

Timelapse: Pulling a 2000 Audi s4 Motor in 8 Minutes
Brought to you by http://www.audis4parts.com Total real time was 1hour 32 minutes. Frames increased by 700%.

2000 Audi S4 Eurotuner cover car
For sale video

Bigern RS6d S4 Hwy Speed Pulls
Some random bearded fellow we picked up on the street on the way to an uncle's private track immediately next to a public road driving Bigern45's RS6 turbo'd S4. RS6 turbos 3" DPs 4" custom Exhaust cxRacing SMICs (200* IATs) Water Meth, but maxed out (needs larger nozzles) Southbend Stage 4 - 8 Puck Clutch with RS4 Pressure Plate ~25PSI Fully stock block ~470WHP ~480WTQ Lots of short shifting since the guy driving doesn't own the car