McDonald's Happy Meal Magic 1993 Hamburger Maker Set - Making Hamburgers!

▶ Updated Video - I Eat These! The McDonald's Happy Meal Magic set toys were originally made so that kids could experiment with food they have in their house. There are no special mixes required! Just mix and match your favorite ingredients and make your hamburgers. One of the biggest questions is the hamburger fryer! That is actually a wind up toy that you wind up in the back of the maker. Then when you put the fryer down it activates the frying sound. Lucky Penny Thoughts LPS-Dave Later! ▶ About Us Lucky Penny Shop is a family-friendly YouTube channel that features videos of kids food maker sets, slime, putty, new & vintage toys, games and candy & food from around the world! There are over 5500 videos! ▶ Product Info McDonald's Happy Meal Magic 1993 Hamburger Maker Set Visit us online ▶ ▶ Watch More Videos McDonald's Maker Sets - Updated! ▶ Follow Us TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PINTEREST LPS WEBSITE Sound Effects by This video is not intended as an endorsement of the product shown. We were not paid or provided other non-monetary advantages or incentives to show this product.

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McDonald's Mini Happy Meal - Complete Toy Food Maker | Kid's Meal Toys |
Watch all of the sets ▶▶ 3oc6C1WdLo_Qc- Mini Happy Meal! Here is the complete set of 8 McDonald's Happy Meal Magic Happy Meal Maker Sets! Lucky Penny Thoughts: It has taken 8 weeks to get to this final video for the McDonald's Happy Meal Sets! It was important to us to make them better and also take suggestions from our subscribers to see more recipes and other ways to possibly cook the mini food items. I knew at the end of the 8 week series I had to do one final video with all of the sets in action! This is it! Getting to the last step and setting out all of the mini happy meal items was well worth the time and effort it took! Plus I got to eat it all again at the very end. If I had to pick a favorite set, it would be the Apple Pie Maker, then the McNugget Maker. Later! LPS-Dave ▶▶ McDonalds Makers ◀◀ Sets 1&2 (1:09) McDonald's Pie Maker McDonald's Cookie Maker Sets 3&4 (5:57) McDonald's Chicken McNugget McDonald's Frozen Fruit Maker Sets 5&6 (11:41) McDonald's Shake Maker McDonald's Drink Fountain Sets 7&8 (13:02) McDonald's Fry Maker McDonald's Hamburger Maker Recap 18:18 Slide Show 25:23 ▶▶ Watch More Videos ◀◀ McDonald's (New Recipes) Happy Meal Magic Maker Sets: WdLo_Qc- Original Hamburger Video: ▶▶ Follow Us ◀◀ TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PINTEREST LPS WEBSITE

Anpanman Hamburger Shop Toy アンパンマン ピピッとえらんで!でるでるハンバーガー ショップ★!
♥Please Subscribe♥ ↓スマホの人も チャンネル とうろくよろしくね? ♥Please Subscribe♥ If you're on a smartphone, you can subscribe from here Anpanman Hamburger Shop Toy アンパンマン ピピッとえらんで!でるでるハンバーガー ショップ★アニメ Youtube,動画,画像,写真,アマゾン,楽天,ランキングで人気!

Playing with Konapun! #9- Hamburger Kitchen
Yay finally had time to film this. Konapun hamburger kitchen! The frying parts are my favourite. You can't really hear it in the video but the oil gives out a 'ssst' sound :) 1. Konapun is inedible. Meaning it can't be eaten. It's not a food, it's a toy. 2. I bought this from Isetan in 2011. Last year. Konapun sets have been discontinued now so I don't think you can get it anywhere. Except maybe on eBay.

mentos and cola get the effect of boiling (noodle-shaped candy)
(1) It is edible. I was using soda & mentos to make it look like the noodles were boiling. (2) I was using Konapun kitchen to make popin cookin ramen shaped candy. Konapun kitchen does not work with actual heat. Konapun video: (3) 0:37 popin cookin Ramen Set. (4) 1:32 The panda shaped naruto is edible. (5) 1:43 Okonomiyaki sauce. (6) I ate the mentos & noodle candy and drank cola after filming. The mentos got tough from soaking in soda, but it still tasted good. The noodles didn't taste different after we "boiled" them. Dry ice and water get the effect of boiling