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Police vs Pickup Truck High Speed Chase
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Dodge Challenger Police Chase
Police in Dallas Pursue a Dodge Challenger

Kansas High Speed Police Chase Dodge Charger With A Hemi Dashcam Video mp4
Kansas High Speed Police Chase Dodge Charger With A Hemi Dashcam Video mp4

Dashcam Shows Ohio Mom Leading Police On Wild Chase
** Subscribe for more: ** Erica Barreiro-Rapp is a name well-known to Monroe police, but even officers who have dealt with her in the past say they are a little surprised about what she’s accused of doing. “She’s very desperate to stay out of jail. If she is doing what she did, with her own child in the car, she’s very desperate,” Monroe police Sgt. Tom Cobaugh said. Police said Barreiro-Rapp was the driver seen trying to elude police on cruiser cam video. They said she led them on a chase with her 3-year-old child in the vehicle. Barreiro-Rapp was in court on Wednesday, but when she found out she had felony warrants out of Kentucky, she made an excuse to leave court and then got into her van and took off. An officer had followed her to the van but she took off before he could stop her. Barreiro-Rapp is accused of driving through yards, crossing the center line and nearly hitting a police cruiser, running over a concrete barrier and driving through a red light at a busy intersection. Police had to call off the chase because it got too dangerous. Barreiro-Rapp was later spotted at a hotel where, authorities said, she went into a random room and as she saw police coming, she jumped out of a first-floor window with her child and escaped. Cobaugh said he’s seen this kind of spiral before. “They start out with minor problems and it escalates into theft problems, drug charges, more thefts. It just keeps going until situations like these come up,” he said. Barreiro-Rapp has a lengthy criminal history including heroin charges, domestic issues, theft and weapons charges. It’s the same place where officers were called to make a welfare check on her five children on the day of the chase. “If she’s that desperate to get away, she’s liable to do anything and it makes it that much more dangerous for the child involved,” said Cobaugh, “and the innocent people out there on the street as well.” In addition to the charges she was already facing, Barreiro-Rapp is also facing charges of eluding police and child endangering. ✋ About the video / Community guidelines ✋ This footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating. Young mom wanted on outstanding warrants leads Ohio police on a wild chase through front yards and across traffic lanes with her three-year-old in the car - and manages to escape Reckless mother Erica Barreiro-Rapp, driving a MINIVAN, takes her child on a high-speed chase in Ohio and manages to get away. Ohio mom still on the run after leading police on high-speed chase with child in vehicle Dashcam captures mother's wild minivan police chase with a child onboard Dashcam captures woman’s wild minivan chase with a child onboard Reckless woman takes her child on a high-speed chase in Ohio Police Chase: Mother on the Run Dash Cam Footage Woman puts child's life in danger during car chase Woman leads police on chase with child in vehicle Dash Cam Footage Shows a Mother on the Run