Subaru Stuck in the mud

My buddy's 91 legacy 5spd stuck in the mud. My turbo GL automatic pulling him out

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Subaru Off-Road
Subaru Off-Roading

Subaru 4x4 mud test
A quick afternoon romp at the local hole. My GL and a buddies Legacy. GL is a EA82 turbo(10 psi), 3.9 4EAT AWD, stock adjustables cranked, fenders trimmed with 27 x 8.50s. Legacy is 5spd AWD, Outback struts, fender trim, 205/75/15, Stock NA EJ22.

Stuck in mud compilation #3.
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Subaru 4x4 in the Mud
For those who care: 1981 Subaru sedan converted to 4wd * 14" wheels, 27" Wrangler TG ( Mud Terrain ) tyres * EJ18 engine ( fron '93 Imprezza ) * 5spd Lo-Range 4x4 gearbox ( with alloy bellhousing adaptor to fit EJ ) * Rear diff lock ( weld it up baby! ) * Dual shocks front * long travel shocks rear