Chevy Volt Getting Started

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Chevrolet Volt Long Distance Trip Review 2
Check out one of the first documented long distance trips in the new Chevrolet Volt. This ten hour trip was from Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia. View the features that the Volt incorporates to switch back and forth from Gas to Electric

Chevrolet Volt Highway Test Drive
Driving an early model Chevrolet Volt on the highways outside of New York City.

(Oil replacement solution) Magnetic Motor - Electric Car Without Battery.
It is time to support the new technologies developments!! All credits to Troy Reed and Dennis Weaver.

2016 Volt: Electric Hybrid Car Safety Features – #NextGenVolt | Chevrolet
The Next Gen Volt is designed with state-of-the-art safety technologies, to deliver an uncompromised driving experience. That means you'll drive with peace of mind when you get behind the wheel, thanks to features like Lane Departure Warning, OnStar, and more. Learn more about how the 2016 Volt provides safety from all sides here: Follow Volt on Facebook at Join the @ChevyVolt conversation on Twitter using #NextGenVolt.