Widebody Golf 3 1.8t Highway run

Montreal built 20vt t3/t4 standard trim. SDS engine management 327whp.

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Widebody Golf 3 1.8t Street run
Mk3 golf 1.8t t3/t4 ripping up the streets of Montreal.

VW Golf 3 Turbo Part 2
Golf 3 mit 1.8T 20V vom Audi S3 gechipt mit 1.6bar Ladedruck.

Kissling reconstruction VW Golf III 1.8T 20V
Kissling reconstruction VW Golf III 1.8turbo 20V AGU www.kissling-tuning.cz

audi a4 v6 2.8 quattro vs golf 3 1.8t
Charity Race Street all the money will go to people who have been flooded