Fiat Uno vs Ferrari Porsche

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Lotus Elise 1.8 R@dBull VS Fiat Uno Turbo BMG Motors Drag Race - Autodromo di Modena 8/05/2016
Subscribe to Channel and Leave a Big Like! Like me on Facebook: View the video in "HD video 1080p" to appreciate it better. Drag Race at the Autodromo of Modena during the event Elaborate Day. Chellenge betweenLotus Elise R@dBull VS Fiat Uno turbo BMG Motors. Gara di accelerazione all'Autodromo di Modena all'evento Elaborare Day. Sfida tra Lotus Elise R@dBull VS Fiat Uno turbo BMG Motors . Luogo: Autodromo di Modena Evento: Elaborare Day 7/05/2016 Videocamera: Canon Eos 700D

Fiat uno vs mustang GT vs passat 1.9TDI twin turbo
Fiat uno vs Mustang GT vs passat 1.9TDI twin turbo. Mustang was in 2 place. not bad for diesels :D fiat is about 12 sec car...

Formula 1 vs Ferrari vs Fiat
who is the fastest?

Fiat Uno Turbo vs GT2 & F360
Fiat Uno turbo i.e. auf der Autobahn (Spielplatz mit 200+)