Fiat Uno vs Ferrari Porsche

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Uno! (gamma FIAT Uno) \ 1983 \ ita
Uno! (FIAT Uno range)

Monza - Ferrari 348 GTB vs Fiat Uno Turbo
Monza Speed Day - 16 March 2014 - Ferrari 348 GTB - Some fun on the warm up lap - Small red Fiat Uno with LARGE turbo appears from 4:30. - FULL Boost on the pit straight

Total destruction of fiat uno smashing cutting raming of an old fiat uno bought for a tenner so much fun For the attention of the fiat lovers out there this car was an mot failer the brakes where shit the underbody was roten so we,ve not smashed a perfecly good car up we just took it to the scrap yard in style.

Fiat Uno SCR "The Monkey" HD
Musica: Massacre - From Your Lips