BES666 Fastest Lithuanian Street Car 1000+Hp

BES666 Audi 90 2.2 turbo Quattro 1000+ Hp 1000+ Nm Best time in 2011-2012 9.6s and 248km/H

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Lithuanian Supercar
Lithuanian built, VW Corrado based dragster called Jezijmobilis. Weights only 730 kg, 856 wheel hp (without NOS!). Reaches speed of 260 km/h in 9 seconds. Video copyright of Some pictures from the build: and Car's owner is Jezij Chmelevskij

Drag Race 2014.08.30 Kazlu Ruda

vw corrado new Lithuanian 1/4 mile record 2011
vw corrado 2.0 turbo 4wd Jezij Chmelevskij ,new Lithuanian 1/4 mile record 2011 06 04

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