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Chevrolet Citation ad from 1982

1980 Chevy Citation
I saw an ad on Kijiji from a guy looking for an old X body GM (Chevy Citation/Pontiac Phoenix etc.). I happen to have one, so I am uploading this so he can see it better. It has the Iron Duke 2.5 L 4 cyl with only 87,000 Km (54,000 miles) mated to a 3 spd auto. It has been setting for 3 years. The battery is pooched, but I stuck the cables on, gave it a shot of go juice, and it's alive. I even drove it around the yard a time or three. Brakes, windsheild washers/wipers, lights (except one headlight) and heater motor all work. Both my daughters drove this when they were in high school, where it was dubbed "The Turd" by their friends (probably a sanitized version of what they really called it. It served us well.

1984 Chevy Citation 2 from Chevrolet Commercial
1984 Chevy Citation 2 from Chevrolet Commercial