Scoobyclinic Impreza 2.3 GT30r Billet 10.35 @ 131mph

10.35 @ 131mph, 1.55 60ft, Scoobyclinic track car at santa pod on 28th March 2010, best run on day was 10.16 @ 134mph with 1.49 60ft

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Mikee Singh driving for Scooby Clinic beats Olly Clark in the Scooby Shootout 2008 Drag Final

conrod exits block :( Scoobyclinic Impreza with GT30 Billet
1/4 mile drag at TOTB, Elvington, car ran its best 60ft of day with a 1.52, but 2 bar was too much for the 2 year old engine and manley rod exits the block :(

Flamin Scooby at Scooby Clinic
Flamin Exhaust

New Record! 8.83 @ 160mph 1/4 mile, Mikee Singh Scoobyclinic Drag Car, 2.1, GT35 Billet
New 4 Cylinder Manual Record, 8.83 @ 160mph, 1.37 60ft, at Santa Pod Test day, Scoobyclinic drag car, 2.1 engine, Syvecs Ecu, GSC 272 cams, Blouch GT35 billet, 2.2 bar Boost, e95 fuel, 5 speed PAR Dog gearbox, hoosier dot tyres