Mitsubishi Eclipse Start Fail CAR HATERS 101

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Mitsubishi Won't Start
Test camera my new iphone 4s :)

2001 Eclipse GT Nightmare (Full story in description)
I bought this Eclipse with the intent to do a quick tune up and replace the thermostat. When I pulled it into the garage and turned the car off, the timing belt jumped 4 teeth on the crank pulley. I had no clue this happened nor did I hear anything. I replaced the plugs, wires, valve cover gaskets and upper plenum gasket. When I tried starting it after everything was reassembled it would crank but not start.It sometimes would turn over fast like as if it wanted to start but then would slow way down. That day the starter went out so I got another and it turned over normally again. I thought I missed a sensor or the firing order was off and I checked it over at least a dozen times and everything was exactly how it should be. I then got to looking at the timing belt and saw it was in not very good of condition and began replacing it. After getting it all reassembled again with the timing set correctly it barley started to run and sounded terrible. I immediately shut it off and now it won't start and has zero compression. I put too much time and money into this engine and tearing it down, getting new valves, gaskets and the heads resurfaced would not be worth it. It has 200k miles on it and I found one about an hour away from my place that runs and only has 127k for $275. I'll be getting that motor soon and will try to keep posting update videos as I go.

1997 Eclipse 420A N/T wont start
I just bought a project car,this 1997 Eclipse 420A RS N/T for a low low price (600). the paint looks 5 years old not 12 years. Do body damage, little stuff hear and there. only major is car wont start and power steering doesnt work.came with 17 inch koings rims with tires still have 75% tread and warranty from discount tires ($576) The guy i bought it from said that the cylinder head is warped. He said the timing belt was just change and water pump. I dont know how soon after the timing belt was change that the car stop running. but he said he was driving to work and it just die on him. I got a new battery, clean off spark plugs, had oil on them but not heavy builded up, radator fluid and added a quart of oil. still no start. I trying to do anything i can before pulling the head off. I know it needs to come off but i want to look at things prior to doing so. Any help would be grateful

Porsche 911 GT3 Start Up FAIL !
I filmed this Porsche 911 997 GT3 trying to start up.. Well it did it almost well on the first time but then, later, the engine just wouldn't start, there was only this clicking noise, that almost happened during 5 minutes, the owner couldn't start it. Finally, it started, I don't know why and how...Weird ! Enjoy !