vintage Ford Cortina History Lotus Cortina

some rare footage of the cortina range from mk1 to late,features from the factory builds and tv adds taken from my old VHS tape ,nice clip Enjoy

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The Lotus Cortina - A Brief History, Guide And Review
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Lotus Cortina Mk1 Onboard - Saturday Race, VRG Turkey Bowl 2012
Green flag drops at about 3:40! Check out my channel's other racing videos too! This is my second race of the weekend in my 1965 Lotus Cortina Mk1. I arrived to the grid late, so I had a lot of work to do to work through traffic. It was a lot of fun, and I advanced from 15th to 1st!

Ford Lotus Cortina - Fifth Gear Legends
Graham gets behind the wheel of a sixties icon as he tells the story of the Ford Lotus Cortina and explains why it's one of our favourite fast saloon cars of all time.

Mark 1 Lotus Cortina v Ford Puma Rally car June 1998
Filmed at Boreham in June 1998, Tim Harvey puts a 115bhp 1966 Mark 1 Lotus Cortina (Special Equipment model) through its paces and compares its performance and 30 years of Ford Motorsport evolution with the latest (in 1998) 4 wheel drive Puma Cosworth rally car