Mercury Marauder Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Ten Second Twins! - Mercury Marauder Massacre!!
After much struggle with video editing software, we finally bring you one of our favorite duos in recent memory. These Marauders are some of the quickest we've ...

marauder 4.6 vs 09 challenger srt8 6.1 hemi

1350HP Mercury Marauder
Just a jaunt down the track to see if the new suspension is tracking ok. It is! Hit 118MPH in the 1/8th mile! Lebanon Valley Dragway. 04/10/11.

World's Fastest Mercury Marauder goes 8.2 @ 177mph
Lebanon Valley Dragway 10/11/15.

This was 1 quick big body street car! Rolled out good! Y'all know I love the 4 doors!

Marauder F.I.T./ProCharger Drag Racing Compilation
Forced Induction Technologies ProCharger equipped Mercury Marauder no. 3 (now of 30) 2005/06 drag racing video compilation.

A Jank Race #1 - 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt Vs. 2003 Mercury Marauder
Welcome to the first instalment of the Jank Race series on The Jank Garage. In this video we will be racing a 2010 base model Chevrolet Cobalt and a 2003 ...

The Ultimate Marauder Video!!!
Trilogy Motorsports friend and customer Rider90 makes this amazing compilation video of Trilogy Motorsports Supercharged Marauders including burnout and ...

Mercury Marauder vs. Mustang GT
marauder wastes GT at cecil county Super Stallions of the Net day Nov. 17th.

6/29/12 Raceway Spec Drag Finals #1 "porsche vs marauder"
Old porsche 911 vs Marauder.

9 Second Marty-O Mercury Marauder
Martin Och's winning run at Atlanta Dragway in September 2009. You could have fit a beer can under the driver's front tire at launch.

7M Supra vs Nitrous Marauder
7M Supra vs Nitrous Marauder Watch more videos of this supra: 7M Supra vs C5 Z06: 7M Supra vs C6 Z06: ...