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Buick Apollo Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

buick apollo gsx burnout
the story is . i found this in a old mans barn and it was sitting in there for about 12 years until i found it. at first i didnt know what it was , after a f...

73 buick apollo dyno
stock 350 with 4bbl carb swap, 160 ish rwhp and I think 225 trq, running about 11 or so for air/fuel ratio = super rich.

buick drag racing roy

Buick Apollo
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1973 buick apollo
part 1.

Roll cage in the Buick Apollo
finally got the ol girl home, took the 2500 for a test drive with the trailer and working on the ranger got alot going on, gonna be making some cash and work...

Buick Apollo
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Buick Apollo
buick apollo burnout buick apollo buick allure 1973 buick apollo buick gsx.

1974 Buick Apollo: Interior work part 2
just the rest off the footage of the Buick, hope to get her home soon and put her in the Christmas Parade happy guy here lol.

1974 Buick Apollo 355 SBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buick Apollo at the BCA 500 in Concord, NC 2012 Buick meet (video 1)
the national meet of the Buick club of America and its our first show, my dad is narrating the video and i was the driving lol, the Ranger did a decent job lol.

Buick Apollo Ultra Super Charyel
1973 buick apollo ebay motors 1974 buick apollo buick apollo 455 olds omega 1974 buick apollo for sale.

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