Rocky Mountain Race Week – Day One – 7-Second Cars Abound

June 20th, 2022

Another year has flown by and it’s time once again for that drag racing extravaganza known as Rocky Mountain Race Week. If you’re not familiar with this event, check out the rules. Despite being a grueling ordeal, it’s lots of fun and lifelong friendships are formed. Let’s get to the racing!

Seems only fitting to start with pretty Alex Taylor in her fast 1955 Chevy. She had that shoebox Chevy in rare form on the first day, posting an impressive run of 7.32-seconds @ 196 mph (before breaking her rear end). With a fresh differential in the Chevy, Alex was ready to try her luck again. This time she ran a 7.06-second pass @ 202mph – thanks to a gear change and the kindness of a few friends. That puts Alex in the lead after the first day.

Then there’s Jason Hurley in his Meltdown II Firebird. Meltdown Deuce is running a twin turbocharged big block Chevy mill. It’s 565 cubic-inches with twin 88s. Jason tore up the track with a 7.56-second pass @ 187 mph. This car goes straight and fast.

Oh yeah, McFarland Racing is well represented at this spectacle. Cleetus is pushing his Mullet El Camino and LS George is toting the front for days in his newly supercharged Chevy S10 Blazer.

Tons of great head-to-head drag racing action here.

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