Rocky Mountain Race Week (Day Two)-888HP Turbo Mini Van

June 25th, 2020

If you don’t envision lush mountain scenery when you think drag racing, then you ain’t lived through Rocky Mountain Race Week. Of course, you run into all the typical “race car on a road trip” hazards. Murphy’s Law is in full effect with everything from overheating engines to fading brakes to melted wiring to driving awards. It’s all in a day’s work during RMRW 2020.

This week-long contest involves four race sessions in five days with a 1,000-mile road trip over the Rockies. In this run-what-ya-brung event, you must drive the vehicle that you will be racing and hit checkpoints along the route. No trailers queens and no whiners. Long rides and late nights – topped off with hot days at the raceway and broken parts – make up Rocky Mountain Race Week but the comradery is priceless.

This video begins with a fresh build that just won’t restart. The Nissan GT-R has a melted harness on the right bank. Looks like a serious headache.

Next up is a slick Gen VI Camaro ZL1 with massive rear tires. He’s pulling a trailer over the Rockies and the driver is in hog heaven. You gotta love it.

Finally, we get into the Mini Van with a turbocharged motor. This thing is a real pos. Glad to get back into the Escalade after that one.

Bonus footage is some street hits against a Cadillac Limo. Elvis has definitely left the building. More RMRW 2020 coverage to come.

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